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Many goals. One funding option solution.

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you have many goals to grow your business, from launching an online store to attracting more customers or outpacing your competitors. Fortunately, these can all be supported by one thing: a small business line of credit from F.A.C.


F.A.C Funding provides small business funding designed to help you grow your business on your terms. Having access to small business financing can give you the business  assets and cash flow freedom to focus on other aspects of running your business.


The benefits of a small business loan

If you need to raise capital, there are a variety of financing options, including borrowing money from friends, peer-to-peer lending, taking out a personal loan, working with an equity partner or taking out a small business loan.


Maintain Control with Small Business Lending

If you work with an equity partner (or co-owner), you may give up some control of your business and will likely forfeit some of the business profits or gains made if you ever sell the business. With a small business loan, you maintain full control of your business and any potential profits.

Avoid Funding Conflicts

Borrowing from friends and family can be fraught with challenges. The family member may view themselves as a part-owner with the power to call the shots and make decisions. It can be awkward to mix familial and business relationships. Taking out a loan from an independent organization such as F.A.C Business Loan helps avoid these issues.

Why You’ll Love FAC

Protect your Business Financing

Business owners sometimes take out personal loans to fund their business. Mixing personal finances and credit with business can cause complications down the line.

F.A.C  Business Loan is easy to use, and you get a decision within 24hours

F.A.C Business Loan business loan application process can be completed in minutes, eliminating the time typically spent waiting in lines or filling out numerous forms. Business financing decisions are made in real time, so small business owners can access their lines of credit as soon as they’re approved. F.A.C uses advanced security to protect applicants’ information. Our small business loans are vouched for and backed by an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.